Tips & Techniques (Read all Instructions before Installation)
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Home Theater Specific

include an extra 6-8 inches on each end when you are measuring for the speaker wire. you'll need the extra material for the speaker connector termination.
if you plan to paint the wire directly, use a piece of cardboard as a protective shield behind the speaker wire when spraying the adhesive.
be careful not to cut through the clear wire film unless it specifies in the instructions. the speaker wire will continue to function if punctured after installation.
the 5-way wall box can be installed behind a modified wallplate. contact us for a template.
place powered subwoofer in front of an electrical outlet, if possible.

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General FlatWire

use a plastic smoother (ie. the rounded edge of a wallplate) to press the wire against the surface.
crease the wire for the folds or turns before applying spray adhesive.
use super-fine cleaning/sandpaper pads to blend the edges of new paint into old paint.
measure twice, cut once-really. we do not recommend splicing flatwire.